Restricting Calls by Account Record Type

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  • CRM Desktop ( Mac (Sandbox Beta), Windows)
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Customers can restrict their users from making calls against certain types of accounts. This can help ensure that users comply with organization policies or local regulations concerning user interactions with HCPs. For example, Verteo Biopharma has two sets of users based on profile: one set of users can only call on individual HCPs, while another set of users can only call on pharmacies. This is done by restricting account record types.

For restricted account types, the entry points to record a call (for example, the Record a Call button on the Account Profile page or the Sphere of Influence on CRM for iPad) no longer display. If a user tries to record a call via the account profile page for a restricted account, an error message displays.


  • The call restrictions only apply to the primary account on the call
  • Group Call Attendees and Swapping the Signee functionality are not restricted. For example, even if accounts of type Professional are restricted using this feature, users can still add attendees of type Professional to a group call (which results in individual calls being created against the attendees).
  • Swap Signee is similarly unrestricted, because the restrictions only apply at the initial entry point of the primary account on the call
  • If the API is used for creating call records, there are no restrictions. This continues to be the case with account record types defined in the ALLOWED_CALL_RECORD_TYPES Veeva Message. The API operates like a data load where all records created do not check against restrictions on accounts (Do Not Call, Record Type restrictions, etc.).

Configuring Call Restrictions by Account Record Type

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To restrict calls by account record type for specific sets of users, enter a double semicolon delimited list of the restricted account record types in the ALLOWED_CALL_RECORD_TYPES Veeva Message. Text should be formatted as follows:


For example, the following text restricts users so they can only make calls of type Meeting_Brief_vod or Event_vod against accounts of type Hospital_vod.


To configure an allowed record types list greater than 255 characters:

  1. Populate the ALLOWED_CALL_RECORD_TYPES Veeva Setting with ALLOWED_CALL_RECORD_TYPES;;Common.
  2. Populate the Text field on the ALLOWED_CALL_RECORD_TYPES Veeva Message with the list of allowed record types, following the <ACCOUNT_RECORD_TYPE1>,<CALL_RECORD_TYPE1>,<CALL_RECORD_TYPE2>;; format.

Use the untranslated label for each record type. Do not include translated values in the list.

Disabling Calls for an Account Type

If there is only one account record type listed (with no call record types after it), all call report entry points throughout the system are disabled for this account type. When call record types are not listed, this indicates calls are not supported for the account record type, so calls cannot be made against accounts of this type.

For example, the following text restricts any calls from being made against accounts of type Professional_vod:


Restricting Calls Against Multiple Account Types

To restrict users from making calls against multiple account types, list the account record types with a double semicolon delimiter between each record type.

For example, the following text restricts any calls from being made against accounts of type Professional_vod, Person Account, and Hospital_vod:

Professional_vod;;Person Account;;Hospital_vod