Restricting Calls by Account

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Customers can restrict users from recording calls for specific accounts. This helps organizations ensure that users do not schedule or record calls for specific HCPs that they are restricted from meeting with, either by organization policy or by local regulations.

For example, users at Verteo Biopharma are restricted from meeting with specific HCPs as part of organization policy--for example, users shouldn’t meet with NPs at large hospitals. When Sarah Jones attempts to create a call for Marilyn Adams, an N.P. whose account is set to Do Not Call, Sarah is prevented from scheduling the call.

Configuration for Restricting Calls By Account

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To restrict users from recording calls against a specific account, set the Do_Not_Call_vod field on the Account object to Yes_vod.

Using Call Restrictions by Account

When calls are restricted for an account, users are prevented from scheduling and recording calls for the account as well as adding the account as an attendee on an existing call. In addition, the Do_Not_Call_vod field on the Account can be defaulted to Yes for specific account record types during account creation, which provides customers with the flexibility to restrict entire types of accounts from interactions with users.