Restricting Sample Send Addresses

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For organizations with an address verification program or specific facility restriction policies, restrictions on sample send addresses prevent certain addresses from receiving BRCs, even if the account and address are eligible for hand carry samples. Sample send status provides an extra layer of filtering by limiting the addresses displayed in the Ship To Address picklist to only those addresses with a valid or unselected sample send status.

Configuring Restrictions on Sample Send Addresses

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Add the Sample_Send_Status_vod field to the appropriate page layouts on the Address_vod object.

  2. For existing address records, set the sample send status by selecting the appropriate value from the Sample Send Status picklist:
    • Valid – Samples can be shipped to this address
    • Invalid – Samples cannot be shipped to this address
  3. Set the appropriate default value for newly created address records by selecting the check box for the appropriate option in the Values section of the Sample_Send_Status_vod field detail (optional):
    • Pending_vod – Samples cannot be shipped to this address until the address has been verified and updated to a status of Valid_vod
    • Valid_vod – Samples can be shipped to this address when creating the address and until (if ever) the sample send is changed to Invalid_vod

    If a default value is set, the value automatically populates the Sample Sent Status field on the call report.

Once an address record is created, sample admins maintain the address’s sample send status.

Using Restrictions on Sample Send Addresses

The Ship To addresses available to users on the call report are filtered first based on associated addresses for the selected account, then by the address’s sample send status. Users can select addresses that are valid or have no status selected:

  • No status selected: Available for selection
  • Valid: Available for selection
  • Pending: Not available for selection
  • Invalid: Not available for selection