Zip to Terr Process Alignment

The Zip to Terr process alignment button provides a way to assign territories based on selected zip codes. This functionality works the same as the mass assign button on the Territory Utilities tab but on a more granular level.

Configuring the Process Alignment Button

To configure the process alignment button on the Zip to Terrs tab:

  1. Place the process alignment button on the Zip to Terrs list view that is located under the search layouts of the Zip_to_Terr_vod object.

  1. Navigate to the Zip to Terrs tab and process an alignment to a specific zip code by selecting an option from the Zip Code column.
  2. Select process alignment.

Using Zip to Terr Process Alignments

Zip to Terr automatically creates Salesforce Account Assignment Rules used to assign accounts.

To use Zip to Terr:

  1. Load data into the Zip_to_Terr_vod object to assign postal codes to a territory.
  2. Select Rebuild VoD territory rules from the Territory Utilities tab to create Salesforce Account Assignment Rules on the territories in Salesforce. This creates rules that assign accounts to territory if the Territory_vod field on the Account object contains the name of the territory. For example, this rule created by Territory Utilities assigns any account to Territory 104 if the Account.Territory_vod__c field contains “;104;”

  3. Select Test territory assignment to run the Mass Assignment function on Territory Utilities. This function checks the Zip_code_vod field on all Address_vod records related to an account where the Include_in_Territory_Alignment_vod field is enabled. If the ZIP Code value matches a ZIP Code assigned to a Territory in the Zip_to_Terr_vod object, the name of the associated territory is stamped into the Territory_vod field on the Account object.

    When Salesforce’s Account Assignment Rules are processed, accounts are automatically assigned to the correct territory.

  4. Create a custom report on the Account Territory Alignment screen to verify that accounts and ZIP Codes were assigned to the correct territory in the Territory_Test_VoD_vod field.
  5. Select Run Mass Assignment if the test assignment was successful. This populates the Territory_VoD_vod field.
  6. Navigate to the Hierarchy list under Manage Territories and select the topmost territory in the list.
  7. Select Run Rules to run the Assignment Rules in Territory Hierarchy to populate the Territories_vod field on the Account screen.
  8. Use Manual Overrides until the next realignment.

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