Territory Settings

All Veeva CRM Territory Settings are related to Territory Management. Settings that begin with "Align_" are used only by Veeva Align, but other settings can be used by any CRM customer whether or not they use Align.

Using Territory Settings

To view Territory Settings:

  1. Access the App Setup menu in Veeva CRM.
  2. Select Develop.
  3. Select Custom Settings.
  4. Select Territory Settings.
Field Label API Name Description

Align Territory Feedback


This setting enables the CRM portion of the Territory Feedback functionality. This feature requires Veeva Align.A value of 1 enables Territory Feedback.A value of null or 0 disables the Territory Feedback point of entry.

Align Vault ID Align_Vault_Id_vod This setting stores the Align Vault ID integrated to this Veeva CRM org. The value is set by the integration. Do not manually set it.
Align Vault Integration ID Align_Vault_Integration_Id_vod This setting indicates the Align Vault GUID integrated to the Veeva CRM org. The value is set by the integration. Do not manually set it.
ATL Mode ATL_Mode_vod

This setting indicates the mode the Account Territory Loader runs in.

A value of 0 or null enables classic ATL mode, fully mastering manual territory assignments for an Account. Each ATL record insert or update initially deletes all Territories with AccountShare.RowCause=TerritoryManual for the Account and subsequently inserts only the Territories listed in the Territory_vod__c field on the Account_Territory_Loader_vod object.

A value of 1 enables ATL mode with an additive approach only. Each ATL record insert or update will not initially delete any Territories from AccountShare. This mode only looks for new Territories added to the Territory_vod__c field and attempts only to insert the new territory without modifying any other Territories in AccountShare.

External Id External_Id_vod

This setting stores the external ID used for metadata migration. The field is customer managed and does not have set parameters.