Territory Management Best Practices

Use the following best practices when implementing Territory Management:

  • Manual override of territories on an account
  • Use Territories_vod field
  • Admin type users only – be careful
  • Do not update directly in SFDC territory management
  • For batch loading from external system, load into territories_vod field using data loader
  • If also using Zip To Territory Utilities, click/load Exclude_from_Zip_to_Terr_Processing_vod on the account so that the Territory_vod does not get overwritten by Zip to Terr processing
  • Zip code based territory assignment
  • Load zip-2-terr object
  • Use utilities to populate territories_vod from this based on primary address and any Address record where Include_In_Territory_Assignment_vod enabled
  • Run all territory rules from the top of the hierarchy
  • Enable Run Territory Rules for account layouts

  • Having spaces in the territory names may cause errors in loads, exports, reports, maintenance, etc. Also, long names maximize size limitations when several are joined together for alignment.
  • It is recommend to not start a Territory name with a 0 (zero)
  • If you start the territory name with a number, SFDC will add an "x" to the front of the developer name

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