Territory Management

Territory management is a critical part of many CRM environments. In Veeva CRM, Territory Management governs which Accounts the user can access in a Territory. It also helps reduce the number of Accounts syncing to Veeva CRM mobile devices.

Territory management for life sciences typically requires many different data points to determine which HCP and HCO Accounts should be aligned to which Territories. Veeva CRM offers several approaches to managing Territory alignments based on different business needs.

Veeva Align for Territory Management

Veeva Align is a Territory planning, management, and feedback system residing outside of Veeva CRM. Veeva Align offers more capabilities than Salesforce.com or the classic tools listed below. Align masters Account assignments in a variety of ways. This robust rules engine can process several types of data points: Account, geography (address), relationships (Child Account), and brand (product metrics) attributes. It can also closely track why and when an Account is assigned to a Territory, including explicit assignments originating from Align or CRM.

Align integrates directly to the CRM AccountShare table and does not use any of the classic tools listed below.

Veeva Align is licensed separately from Veeva CRM. To learn more about Veeva Align contact your Veeva Account Executive.

Classic Tools for Territory Management

Veeva CRM has two main approaches to Territory management:

  • Zip-to-Terr – This approach uses a combination of custom Veeva CRM zip utilities and SFDC Territory rules
  • Account Territory Loader – This approach uses explicit Account-to-Territory alignments using the Account_Territory_vod object

Territory management is detailed in the following topics:

Veeva CRM is not compatible with SalesForce Territory Management.