Components of Territory Management

Territory Fields on the Account Object

The following Account fields are used during the Territory Management process:

  • Territory_vod – A semicolon-delimited list of territories assigned to the account generated by the Mass Align Territory process. Uses the following format:


  • Territory_Test_vod – A semicolon-delimited list of assigned territories based on the execution of the Test Territory Assignment process. This field is used to verify the assignments are correct without impacting production alignments.
  • Exclude_from_Zip_to_Terr_Processing_vod – When this check box is selected, this account is excluded from the Assign Territory process and the corresponding Territory_vod field is not changed

Territory Fields on the Address Object

  • Include_in_Territory_Assignment_vod – This check box field is selected by default. When selected, the zip code of the corresponding address is evaluated when the Mass Assignment or Test territory assignment processes run. Veeva recommends creating workflow rules to maintain this field, for example, only select this check box if the address if the primary address

The Assign Territory Button

The Assign Territory button, located on the Account Detail Page and Account List View, performs the following process for the selected account:

  • Checks if Exclude_from_Zip_to_Terr_Processing_vod is selected. If selected, no actions are performed
  • Clear the Territory_vod field
  • Identify the zip codes and brick codes for all of the account’s associated addresses where the Include_in_Territory_Assigment_vod check box is selected
  • Populate the Territory_vod field with the matching territories from the Zip-to-Terr and Brick-to-Terr records
  • Copy all fields with matching API names from the Zip-to-Terr or Brick-to-Terr records to the Account record
  • Execute the Salesforce Assignment Rules in order to assign the account to the territories

The Rep_Roster_vod Object

The Rep_Roster_vod object stores information related to Territory Management processing, the relationship between users and territories, as well as user-related HR information, for example, address and asset tag.

The Username_External_Id_vod field on the Rep_Roster_vod object must match the User Name field for the corresponding record for the user in the User object. The Username_External_Id_vod field utilizes the Transfer Sample Transaction to identify the Address for a Transfer Sample Transaction based on the Address fields in the Rep_Roster_vod object.

To meet compliance regulations, the Address fields in the Rep_Roster_vod object maintain Sample Storage information for all sampling users.

Territory Settings

Territory Settings manage and control configuration. The table below describes these settings and their functionality:



Data Type


The Align Integration User used to integrate Align with the org.



The Server URL of the Align instance integrated with the org.

The value is set by the integration. Do not edit this setting.





Stores the Align Vault ID integrated with the org.

The value is set by the integration. Do not edit this setting.



Indicates the Align Vault GUID integrated with the org.

The value is set by the integration. Do not edit this setting.



The version of Align integrated with the org.

The value is set by the integration. Do not edit this setting.





Stores the external ID used for metadata migration.

This setting is customer managed and does not have set parameters.