Territory Management Best Practices

Use the following best practices when implementing Territory Management:

  • Do not begin a territory name with 0 (zero)
  • Do not include spaces, commas, or semicolons in territory names. This may cause errors in loads, exports, reports, maintenance, etc.
  • Territories are frequently joined together for alignment processes. Therefore, it is recommended to use as short of a Territory name as possible to avoid size limitation errors.
  • Territories in the same hierarchy should have unique names
  • Territory assignments can be manually overridden using the Territory_vod field on the account. This action should only be performed by an admin.
  • Use the Exclude_from_Zip_to_Terr_Processing_vod check box to exclude an account from being aligned based on Zip-to-Terr processing

Territory Management and the Role Hierarchy

Territory Management provides specific and flexible security control for accounts based on any field within accounts. The objects that are controlled by Territory Management are:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Account Plans and Account Tactics
  • Any custom objects that is a child of the Account object

Within CRM, Territory Management is used to control security to accounts, while the Role Hierarchy is used to control security to other objects.