Displaying Territory Feedback Metrics via MyInsights

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This feature is available on August 25, 2022 with the Sandbox Release of CRM 22R2.1.

To visualize data, admins can create and link MyInsights visualizations to Territory Feedback. MyInsights visualizations in Territory Feedback enable end users to visualize upcoming changes to their territories, as well as provide a place for admins to give written guidance to end users about how they should review and leave feedback on upcoming changes to their territory.

For example, leadership at Verteo BioPharma decides that at least 60% of the targets for the Cardiology field force should belong to Segment A for Cholecap. A MyInsights visualization displays in Territory Feedback for Sarah Jones that displays the percentage of her targets that are Segment A for Cholecap, as well as brief instructions informing Sarah about the 60% guidance. Sarah uses this information to adjust her territory accordingly.


This feature requires configuration in both CRM and Align.

Configuring in CRM

To configure this feature in CRM, grant MyInsights content creators access to the Territory_Feedback_vod record type on the HTML_Report_vod object.

Configuring in Align

To configure this feature in Align, add the myinsights_report__aln field to the align_settings__aln and align_settings_model__aln page layout.

Creating the MyInsights Visualization to Use in Territory Feedback

To create a MyInsights visualization to use in Territory Feedback:

  1. Create the .zip file to serve as the visualization. The file should reference the getFeedbackData() method, which enables the visualization to retrieve a variety of information about the territory.

  2. Create a new HTML_Report_vod record with a record type of Territory_Feedback_vod.

Linking MyInsights Visualizations in Align

After the MyInsights visualization is created in CRM, the feature must be linked in Align before the visualization displays in Territory Feedback:

  1. Populate the myinsights_report__aln field of the appropriate Align Settings record with the External_Id_vod field of the created HTML_Report_vod record in CRM.

    This setting supports field-force specific settings, enabling different field forces to use different MyInsights visualizations.

  2. Specify the height of the widget in Territory Feedback, in pixels, by appending : and the desired height to the myinsights_dashboard__aln setting. For example, feedback_report:500 specifies a height of 500 pixels.
  3. Refresh the Feedback Cache.

Viewing MyInsights Visualizations in Territory Feedback

The linked MyInsights visualization displays in Territory Feedback as a widget. The widget’s title reflects the name of the corresponding HTML_Report_vod record.

If Translating MyInsights Tab Names is enabled, the title of the widget correctly translates into the user’s language.