Suggestions Components

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Suggestions Data Model

Suggestions Objects

The Suggestions module consists of four objects:

  • Suggestion_vod – Stores basic information for Suggestions: Title, Reason, Priority
  • Suggestion_Feedback_vod – Captures information on user activity: Dismiss, Feedback Dialog, Action Activity
  • Suggestion_Tag_vod – Stores information on key suggestion attributes: Product and Driver
  • Stakeholder_Preference_vod – Stores information on HCP/HCO preferences for channel communication and different types of offerings

Suggestions Record Types

The record types on the Suggestion_vod object correspond to the actions available to associate to a Suggestion. These record types are populated via a trigger that uses the Record_Type_Name_vod field on the Suggestion object to identify the recordTypeId.

  • Call_vod – assigns a Schedule a Call action to the Suggestion
  • Call_Objective_vod – assigns a Call Objective action to the Suggestion
  • Email_vod – assigns a Sent Email action to the Suggestion
  • Insight_vod – used when there is no direct action associated with the information being presented

The record types on the Suggestion_Tag_vod object associate one-to-many Products and Drivers with a Suggestion. There is also a record type to associate multiple email fragments to a particular email template associated to a Suggestion.

Record Types are used on the Suggestion_Feedback_vod object to indicate what type of feedback is being captured.

For the Stakeholder Preferences object, we support two record types:

  • Offer Preference – used to indicate, on a 5 point scale, how HCP/HCO engagement varies based on the type of offer presented, product, or promotional offerings, for example, samples or vouchers
  • Channel Preference – used to indicate, on a 5 point scale, HCP/HCO preferences for interaction via specific channels

There is a new Suggestion_vod record type on both the Call_Objective_vod and Sent_Email_vod objects that drives behavior for sending emails and creating Call Objectives from a Suggestion.

Suggestions Attributes

  • Suggestion Priority - A Suggestion can have two priorities, Urgent or Normal. This is configured by the Priority_vod picklist field on the Suggestion_vod object.

    A priority value is required for Suggestions for the functionality to work. Suggestions do not display correctly if the Priority_vod field is null.

  • Suggestion Title – This is a text field used to provide the content for the recommended action or Insight. If more details are available, the Suggestion Title is a link that expands to display the full detail of the Suggestion.
  • Suggestion Reason - The Suggestion Reason_vod field is a long text field. This field supports the following html tags for rich text formatting:
  • Paragraph - <p></p>
  • Line Breaks - <br>
  • Bold - <b></b>
  • Italics - <i></i>
  • Underline - <u></u>
  • Unordered list - <ul> <li>item1</li> </ul>
  • Ordered list - <ol> <li>item1</li> </ol>
  • Hyperlinks
  • Driver Tag
  • Product Tag

If the reason text extends past four lines, an ellipsis displays. The additional text displays by selecting the Suggestion Title.