Integrating Apple Maps

  • iPad
  • iPhone

To increase users' efficiency, when an internet connection is available, iPad users can view account locations plotted on a map. This feature has several benefits for users:

  • Users can consult the map to view the proximity between Account locations or between Account locations and the user's location
  • If a user has a cancellation, the map makes it easy to see nearby HCPs

For example, Sarah Jones has five calls in the same area and wants to map them to make the best use of her time. She uses the Send to Maps button to add the address to her Apple Maps app so she can create the best route.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using Apple Maps

The Send to Maps button on the Address detail page sends an account’s address to the Apple Maps app instead of to Google Maps on a browser.

Pins are plotted using two modes:

  • Mode 1 - Plots pins based only on the  Latitude_vod and  Longitude_vod fields on the Address_vod object. This is the default mode.
  • Mode 2 - Plots pins based on the Latitude_vod and Longitude_vod fields, however, if these fields are blank, attempts to geocode the address when an internet connection is available

Mode 2 should be used only to supplement existing Latitude_vod and Longitude_vod data when coordinate information is not available. For example, when an Account or address is newly created offline. This mode should not be used to geocode all the addresses on the iPad.

To enable Mode 2:

  1. Grant end users CRUD access to the Address_Coordinates_vod object.
  2. Grant end users at least FLS read permission to the following fields on the Address_vod object. These fields fetch the latitude and longitude coordinates to plot a location on the map and give an enhanced geocoding performance.
  • Name
  • Address_Line_2_vod
  • City_vod
  • State_vod
  • Zip_vod
  • Zip_4_vod
  • Country_vod
  1. Grant end users FLS edit permission to all fields on the Address_Coordinates_vod object.
  2. Grant end users access to the iOS_vod record type on the Address_Coordinates_vod object.
  3. Activate the Address_Coordinates_vod VMOC for the iPad platform.

When Mode 2 is enabled and the app is in the foreground, the app runs a process to fetch coordinates for the addresses not geocoded. The process to geocode the addresses can take time to complete, and while the geocoding process is in progress, the Apple Maps feature can plot only the addresses geocoded thus far.

When Mode 2 is enabled, CRM uses the Geocoder provided by Apple to retrieve the coordinates. These regions are supported by the Apple Geocoder.

Apple Maps Entry Points

Maps can be launched from three entry points: My Accounts, the Account detail screen, and My Schedule. For more information on the My Schedule entry point, see My Schedule Map View.

When launched from My Accounts, the Account locations plotted on the map are based on the Accounts displayed in the My Account page. If the My Accounts page has a defined view, Account list, Account type filter, and/or a search criteria applied in the Search box, the Account locations plotted on the map respect these filters.

The Maps button displays on the Account Detail page next to the Account’s name in the header area and as a toggle when viewing the Account Timeline. When launched from this entry point, the locations belonging to the focused Account are plotted with purple pins. The locations belonging to the other Accounts nearby are plotted with red pins.

Account locations can only be plotted on the map if latitude and longitude coordinates are available for the address.

Pins and Clusters

Users can view all the pins on the map or, using Apple’s built-in zoom, can focus in one location (pin) or a cluster.  A cluster is a concentrated area of pins represented by a circle with the number of pins it represents in the center. For example, multiple HCPs working in the same hospital or, based on the zoom level of the map, multiple pins plotted close to each other.  Larger or smaller clusters are based on the zoom level; zooming in has smaller clusters, zooming out has larger clusters.

When selecting a cluster, a side panel displays listing the Account locations contained in the cluster. For each Account location in the side panel, an action sheet button displays containing the following actions:

  • Navigate to the account’s full profile
  • Send the address to the Apple Maps app for directions

When selecting a pin, an information card displays above the pin with general account information and an action sheet button. The action sheet button displays the same actions as for a cluster.

Pin Type

Pin Image


Red Pin

General pin color used to display the account locations nearby

Purple Pin

Used when one account is the focus of the map (Account detail page entry point). All locations for the account in focus use a purple pin.

Location Services must be enabled on the iPad for the user to use the Current Location button. If Location Services are not enabled, users are prompted to enable the setting when they launch the map or when they select the Current Location icon.

See Configuring Calendar Views for information regarding Windows Tablet platforms.