GAS Customized Columns and Preview Pane

  • Browser
  • iPad

To make it easier to find accounts, Admins can customize what information displays in the Global Account Search results screen. For Browser (Lightning), admins can specify which columns display. For the iPad, admins can specify which fields display in the preview window for a selected account.

For example, Alice Adams wants to add the Do Not Call field to the Preview pane in GAS for iPad users. She adds the API name of the Do Not Call field to the list of fields in the GAS_PREVIEW_FIELDS Veeva Message. When Sarah Jones views accounts in GAS on her iPad, she can quickly see which accounts are not available for calls.

Configuring GAS Columns and Preview Pane Fields

To define which columns or preview pane fields display, populate the following Veeva Messages with a semicolon-delimited list of the fields using this format: ObjectAPIName.Field1APIName; ObjectAPIName.Field2APIName;

  • GAS_ONLINE_COLUMNS - Defines columns for the Browser platform; supports fields on the Account and Address objects
  • GAS_PREVIEW_FIELDS - Defines preview fields for the iPad platform; supports fields on the Account object only

For example, Account.Specialty_1_vod__c;Account.Credentials_vod__c;. Do not include any manual line breaks when specifying the fields.

Formatted Name always displays as the first column or preview pane field, followed by the fields defined in the Veeva Message.

Fields of type Address are not supported for GAS Customized Columns and the Preview Pane.

When adding a Lookup field as a field to display as a Preview Pane field in GAS, users may see information for that field in the Preview Pane for out-of-territory accounts that is not available once the account is added and synced to the user's iPad, since the records referred to by that field may not be available on the user's device.

The Browser platform supports up to 15 custom columns. If more than 15 columns are defined in the Veeva Message, only the first 15 display in the GAS results screen. This limit does not apply to the iPad platform. Fields only display if the user has FLS access to that field.