Account Plan Sharing

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Administrators can now configure automatic sharing of Account Plans and related data to Account Team Members. This ensures the appropriate users have the correct visibility to their Account Plans.

For example, a KAM creates a new Account Plan and adds Sarah Jones as an Account Team Member with the role of Team Member. When Sarah accesses her Account Plan Dashboard, the new account plan displays. She now has access the plan and all the related data so she can make decisions about the account.

Configuring Account Plan Sharing

To enable this feature: 

  1. Grant users Read and Create permission to the following objects: 
  • Account_Team_Member_vod
  • Account_Plan_vod
  1. Grant users FLS read permission to the following fields on the Account_Team_Member_vod object.
  • Role_vod
  • Access_vod
  1. Set the Account Plan Sharing Veeva Setting to 1.

    Account Plan Sharing does not support profile-specific Veeva Settings. The value of the org-level setting applies to all users regardless of any profile-specific settings.

  1. Add the Access_vod field on the Account_Team_Member_vod object to the appropriate page layout.
  2. Grant users FLS read permission to the Share_With_vod field on the Plan_Tactic_vod object. This step is optional.
  3. Set the Organization-Wide Sharing Setting to Private on objects defined in the Account Plan Object Hierarchy.
  4. Deselect the Grant Access Using Hierarchies Sharing Setting on objects defined in the Account Plan Object Hierarchy. 

    Share Table entry types User, Role, and Territory are supported. Sharing by Public Group, Role, Subordinates, and Territory and Subordinates is not supported offline. This feature uses record-based sharing.

    An object hierarchy exists in the following order: Account Plan, Plan Tactic, Account Tactic, and Call Objective.

  5. Activate Enhanced Sync on the VMOCs of objects defined in the Account Plan Object Hierarchy.

    Ensure any Master-Detail relationships on Account_Plan_vod, Plan_Tactic_vod, Account_Tactic_vod and Call_Objective_vod objects are set to lookup relationships.

  6. Create an Apex Sharing Reason with the Reason Label and Reason Name set to Veeva_Account_Plan_Sharing_vod on objects defined in the Account Plan Object Hierarchy.

    This indicates a record is being shared by the Account Plan Sharing feature.

  7. Create a VMOC record according to the following table: 
Type Object Name Device
Top Level Share: Account Plan(Account_Plan_vod__Share)


Top Level Share: Plan Tactic(Plan_Tactic_vod__Share) iPad_vod
Top Level Share: Account Tactic(Account_Tactic_vod__Share)


Top Level Share: Call Objective(Call_Objective_vod__Share) or Action Item(Action_Item_vod__Share) iPad_vod

Using Account Plan Sharing

Key Account Managers can now add users to an Account Plan as an Account Team Member and control their access via the Access_vod and Role_vod field on the Account Team Member Object.

Team Members have read or write access to the Account Plan and Account Plan data according to configured permissions, sharing rules, and object hierarchy. Data for objects after Account Plan in the hierarchy is shared based on the sharing settings for a given record, not the object, and the sharing settings are applied downward from the record.

For example, consider the following hierarchy:

Account Plan -> Plan Tactic -> Account Tactic -> Action Item

In this hierarchy, if a given Plan Tactic is shared with a user, then all Account Tactics related to that Plan Tactic are shared with the user, and all Action Items related to those Account Tactics are also shared.

When sharing is configured in this manner, the second level in the hierarchy (after Account Plan) must be an out-of-the-box object, for example, a Plan Tactic.

Account Plan Sharing Using the Account Plan Hierarchy

The Account Plan Sharing feature uses the org-level Account_Plan_Object_Hierarchy_vod Veeva Setting to share records with team members based on a defined hierarchy.

For example, Alice Adams defines an Account Plan Hierarchy with a model where an Account Plan consists of several Account Tactics. The Account Tactics have multiple linked action items. To represent this, Alice adds the following value in the org-level Account_Plan_Object_Hierarchy_vod Veeva Setting: Account_Tactic_vod__c.Account_Plan_vod__r,Action_Item_vod__c.Account_Tactic_vod__r. In this example, the Share_With_vod field drives record access for account plans, account tactics, and action items for end users who are team members on the Account Plan with a particular role that applies to the Share With values.

This feature also allows custom objects to be added to the hierarchy and considered when calculating sharing.

The Shared_With_vod value is set on the objects immediately below the Account Plan in the hierarchy, so users have visibility to the records underneath. This is true whether or not the object immediately below the Account Plan is Plan_tactic_vod. Shared_With_vod should be set to the same value as the user's Role_vod value.